Monday, October 20, 2008


Saturday marked the end of soccer season for Alex. The day was pretty nice considering it was towards the end of October. Adam was home sick, so I left Erik and Ashlee home with him and I went to cheer on my little guy. The other team was short some people so Alex got nominated by the substitute coach to go play on the other team for the first half.

Here's Alex looking peeved that he had to play against his own team. In fact, that was the worst I've seen Alex play all season. He tried to be helpful, but he felt guilty that he was playing on the other team. Ah, yes, my competitive little guy.

Alex hadn't scored a goal yet this season and I was beginning to get a little concerned because, for Alex, it is a really big deal that he score one goal per season. I think he just wanted to add to my suspense because in the last minute of the game, literally, he scored his one goal of the season! I was so proud of him!!
I wasn't so much proud that he scored a goal, but I was more proud that he played his best!
Go Alex!!


Fulkerson Clan said...

hurray for alex and his goal!!! i'm happy for you both that he met his quota for the season :) can't wait to see him play again next season, it's fun to see him getting so into soccer.

Amy said...

This is in reply to your shrimp comment... We love shrimp, it isn't a new thing at our house. I couldn't tell from your comment if you thought it was a new thing.