Friday, January 28, 2011

it's another boy!

We had an ultrasound this week, and it's another boy! I have to admit that I was a bit relieved because, as much as i love my ashlee, she's a bit of a challenge sometimes and the thought of raising another girl was giving me some stress. I was very worried about how Ashlee would handle the news, but she took it with great stride and was very happy to just be a big sister one more time. There weren't even any tears shed. Her only stipulation was that the baby still sleep in her room and, since we don't have anywhere else to put the baby, it was easy to meet her requirement.
Now, we just have to come up with a name. Good thing we have 23 more weeks to figure that out! Adam really likes Jason or any combination of Cory and Steve (such as Cost, Story, or Coreve), we've always kind of liked Seth and the kids want Jack Cody. SO, do we stay with our vowel-only theme or break out and do something crazy like start this kid's name with a consonant?? Erik was almost Tyrod, so this kid could be Trevardo!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i'm on a roll

I heard this particular quote today:

“…We ought to be content with the things that God hath allotted to each of us. If, indeed, the things allotted to each of us have been divinely customized according to our capacity, then for us to seek to wrench ourselves free of our schooling circumstances could be to tear ourselves away from carefully matched opportunities. To rant and to rail could be to go against divine wisdom, wisdom in which we may have concurred before we came here. God knew beforehand each of our coefficients for coping and contributing” (Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, Feb. 1979, 73).

I know I've been ranting and raving about how my life has been going lately. Sometimes, I need that reminder that Heavenly Father KNOWS what is best for me. I should not doubt His wisdom in the direction my life takes, even if I don't think I'm up to the challenge. I am very very blessed with 3 1/2 amazing children, a husband who knows me, understands me, and still loves me anyway, parents who live in my basement and who are always willing to help me out, a sister who literally lives 5 minutes away and is my best friend, and the gospel. I am grateful for this reminder today that Heavenly Father loves me and is trying His best to guide me in the direction that He knows is best for me.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dad grew a bunch of pumpkins this year. Unfortunately, they did not ripen until recently. I moved three of the sugar pumpkins and two of the large pumpkins into the house at the end of October, in the hope that they would ripen quickly. I was sadly mistaken. Adam keeps bugging me to do something with those pumpkins that have been hanging out on our counter, so I finally decided to use one yesterday.
On I found a recipe for making pumpkin puree, toasted pumpkin seeds,and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, so I gave them all a try. I did change the pumpkin seed recipe around because I've made them before and I know that I like them with just a little salt.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i haven't actually fallen off the face of the earth

So....yeah...i'm very very behind on my blogging. The last six months have been crazy, but, isn't everyone's life crazy? I have to admit that this surprise pregnancy has really thrown my life for a loop. I'm still kind of in denial about the whole thing, but, at least, the kids are very excited. I'm sure that I'll be excited too, once I'm holding that new, sweet baby in my arms. Until that moment though, I may be moody, grumpy, and in various stages of denial. I don't deal well with this kind of unplanned surprise. I'm finally over that whole puking, feeling really crappy stage, thank goodness!! I have had a head cold the last ten days tho--i just want to feel better, darn it!!! It made the holidays really rough at our house and it didn't really help that the kids were off-track all of December. Luckily, I'm blessed with an absolutely wonderful husband who helped decorate the house, wrapped every single Christmas present, cooked a lot of meals, kept the house picked up, and made sure that I followed through on some of our family traditions. I'm not quite sure what I ever did to deserve Adam, but I'm so grateful that he is my eternal companion.

Due to this pregnancy thing, my sewing has really taken a nose-dive. I did manage to finish the kids' Christmas pj's, but I still haven't finished my sister's kids' pj's or Ashlee's Christmas dress. Hopefully, I'll get those projects done before Maybe i'll actually buy some maternity jeans too before I bust out of my old jeans. Ugh, I had given away all of my maternity clothes because we were DONE!!