Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a near perfect morning

Disclaimer: notice I said near-perfect, not perfect. the perfect morning would have me sleeping in until 10 am, then a nice long soak in the tub while listening to my mp3 player and then being able to get ready and eat breakfast uninterupted. This may not happen until the children are fully grown.

This morning the baby started wailing at 6:30 am. I groan, roll over, and hope Adam wakes up to deal with the little guy. Nope, darn the bad luck, so I finally can't take the crying and go get him. Erik is NOT a cuddler in the morning. He will cuddle with you at any other time of the day except for first thing in the morning because he wants his breakfast NOW!! You'd think the baby would be huge for the amount of food he eats. So, I lumber into the kitchen, strap him into a chair, let the dogs out, throw some cheerios on Erik's tray and go lay on the couch for a second. I realize that you are thinking, "this sounds like a crappy morning to me..." It does get better, I promise.

At this point, I remember that Ashlee has to go to school early. Another groan. My Ashlee is NOT a morning person. In fact, I'm dreading when she enters the first grade because I have absolutely no idea how I am going to get her out the door, fed and looking cute all by 8:20 in the morning on a daily basis. Luckily, she comes snuggling up to me--yay, that means I don't have to wake her up. Then, in rolls Alex so I get everyone breakfast, remind them of our busy morning and go rush to get ready myself while they eat. Breakfast ends and we race to get everyone else dressed, teeth brushed, and gather their things for school. sweet, everyone was cooperative, so I can finish getting me ready and even change Erik for the day. I love it when they are cooperative. We read scriptures, say our prayers and out the door we go.

I drop them off to school, run home, read my scriptures, read the visiting teaching message for the month and put Erik down for his morning nap. I look at the clock--holy cow, it's only 9 am. I decide to exercise, cause, for some reason it seemed like the logical thing to do at 9 am. I decide on pilates so that I don't sweat up a storm since I already have my make-up on. Quick clothes change and mom and I are out the door by 9:30 headed to my visiting teaching appointment. Yes, I am lucky enough to have my mother for my companion, plus we visit teach the 3 sweetest ladies!!

I have to admit that it is nice to have one morning go smoothly because they are few and far between. Most days, i'm not even dressed by 9 am as my neighbor Richard can attest to. He's seen me in my pj's more than anyone rightfully should! Therefore, I felt very accomplished this morning. Here's to tomorrow!