Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, my computer got a virus and Adam had to completely reformat it this week. I was slow to take all my info off the pc and i've been even slower putting it all back on. I haven't meant to be negligent in blogging, and will do a better blog later this week! (sorry Erin!) I also started playing Wow again this week--yeah, yeah, i know, i swore i'd never resume that addicting game again, but i've really been having a lot of fun playing with Adam. It's something we like to do together. I've also decided to only refashion clothing until March '09 which means that I will not buy any new clothing, but, instead repurpose what I already have. I got the idea from --it's a fun website where people post what they refashioned. I'm not committed enough to make the pledge yet, but someday I will! Also, the kids go back to school on wednesday, so maybe i'll finally get caught up on all my housecleaning!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The slippers

I decided to try sewing something new and, when I bought a pattern for my Christmas pajamas, on it was a pattern for slippers. I am a lover of slippers! So, here is the progression of the slippers. First, I cut them out and I used some fun flannel that my mom had given me a long time ago.

Here they are after I kept sewing them incorrectly and had to rip out my stitches twice. Now they are ready for the final sewing.

Here are the final slippers! Woot! There are definitely a few things I would change the next time I make them, but, I'm proud of myself for trying something new.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ashlee and the Snuggie

On Sunday, Ashlee saw a commercial for a snuggie. What is a snuggie you might be asking? Well, a Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves. "The Snuggie™ keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands. Work the remote, use your laptop or do some reading in total warmth and comfort!" (
Ashlee became obsessed with owning one of these blankets with sleeves. I have to admit, I think snuggies are pretty silly--plus, we have a TON of blankets around the house. She has 4 on her bed alone. I told her that she did not need a snuggie and to go curl up with a blanket instead. My daughter is a bit on the persistent side and kept bringing it up and bringing it up. So, I decided that we would make her one instead--she could even help me sew it up. She thought that this was a genius idea (chalk one up for the momma!) and downstairs we trekked to pick out some fabric. Of course, she picked blue flannel (yes, yes i realize that snuggies are fleece, but Ashlee doesn't so no one tell her, ok??). Luckily, I had some blue flannel because Ashlee knew that snuggies came in blue and blue is her favorite color. Phew! It took me two days to make a snuggie, mostly because I don't have a pattern for anything like that so I winged it with a nightgown pattern I had and some very helpful suggestions from my mother. Yay for Mom! I even added a pocket for storing all her favorite items.
I finished it up yesterday and proudly showed it to my daughter today who proceeded to tell me that her snuggie needed to be sewn up the back kind of like a i drug back out the sewing machine and tried to fit it to her specifications. Nothing like sewing for a persistent 5 year old LOL I finished it pretty quickly for me, because last night she told me that if she had a snuggie so could hug me before bedtime, but, since she didn't, she couldn't hug me because her arms were just too cold. Little stinker!
So, here is Ashlee and I's version of a snuggie! It looks very much like a hospital gown, but she loves it and that's the important thing. She was even warm enough tonight to give me a hug, silly girl!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christ-filled Christmas and a fantastic New Year! During this time of year, I can't help but reflect on all of my blessings. Sometimes, I am amazed at how much Heavenly Father has blessed me with.

1. A wonderful family--everyone is happy and healthy

2. the gospel in my life--the gospel fills my life with hope, my days with patience, and my soul with peace.
3. my parents live with us in a mother-in-law apartment downstairs--some people may not see this as a blessing, but my parents have kept me sane, especially with Adam traveling as much as he has been lately.
4. A husband who loves and cares about me and who is an especially caring father to our children. We have so much in common--we even share similar nerdiness factors--yes, i know, it's scary! I appreciate that my husband provides for our family, so that I can stay home with our children.

5. A warm home and plenty of food to eat. As we all know, I like to eat!
6. a sewing machine--i know, it's kind of a weird thing to be grateful for. Sewing is a great stress reliever for me and I find that I like to have something to show for my hobbies. My sewing isn't great, but I'm finally to the point that some of what I sew can even be worn in public; for example, the Christmas pajamas that caused me so much stress this year! 7. I am blessed to have my sister and her family live only 5 minutes from my house. What a joy it has been to spend so much time with her and her family! Our kids play well together and I can go and bug her whenever I feel like it. Good thing our hubbies get along!!
8. I am also grateful for time; time to enjoy and love my family, play games with the kids, sew, cook, read, and do the other things that I enjoy.

I am grateful for this time of year to really reflect on life, on who i am and who i want to be. I have been giving a lot of thought lately to where I want to go with this new year and, hopefully, i will be able to accomplish the majority of my goals. Here's to 2009 and all the possibilities that come with a new year!