Wednesday, February 24, 2010

confessional #4

Woot! i'm on a roll. this is the most consistently i've ever blogged, so i doubt it will last lol


here goes...

  • I let ashlee go to school looking like this today:
  • she picked this outfit all on her own. the floral jeweled shoes, heart pants and stars shirt are her own creation.
  • she also always wears a white undershirt that usually sticks out of the bottom of her shirt.
  • don't forget her penguin earrings either.
  • Is it wrong to let your 1st grader go to school dressed thusly?
  • I laughed and laughed and laughed.
  • i love ashlee and her unique sense of style.

Friday, February 19, 2010

confessionals week 3

Ok, so i kind of missed tuesday, but it's been a busy week. By tonight, I'm tired and just trying to stay awake til 10 pm lol
I confess....
  • that i am so excited Cory and Heather are taking Ashlee and Alex overnight tomorrow.
  • I feel a little guilty that I'm sending Alex there with a cold.
  • He's had a low-grade fever all day and a snotty nose and I kept him home from school in the hope that he will be better enough by saturday to go to cory's.
  • I hope that his cold and his horrible cat allergies won't be the death of him and then he'll come home sicker than when I sent him.
  • Sigh....the parental guilt never really ends, does it?
  • I want to send them so badly tho. I really really really could use the break from my children. I love them. I really do. I'm just exhausted from life.
  • Adam, Erik and I can go to dinner tomorrow and I won't have to share my sushi or pay for a babysitter. Erik isn't always the best to take to dinner, but at least he won't keep trying to swipe my sushi lol
  • Plus, on Sunday, it will only be the 3 of us to get ready. I love 9:30 am church, but it's a bit tricky getting everyone ready and out the door. My bag will be so much lighter with only stuff for Erik in it.
  • Then, I will get sad sunday afternoon because the house will be so quiet and I will be ready to go get the kids.
  • I am grateful that my kids have cousins that they love so much and want to spend so much time with.
  • Thank you so much Heather and Cory!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Confessional week 2

I know, it's scary--a blog 2 weeks in a row! Here goes....
  • I love love love most Korean food.
  • Too bad it's so stinky or I would eat it a lot more often.
  • I always feel guilty when people get into my proximity range a day or two later after I eat Korean. Someday I'll eat it before Ward Council so that maybe my stink will end our meeting a little sooner.
  • It's hard to get home and get the kids ready in 15 min. Tho adam tries his best! but, I digress...
  • no matter how much I gargle, brush, rinse, shower, scrub, I still stink.
  • I hate it when Adam eats Korean food, but I didn't because he smells so bad.
  • It took me 2 years to like Korean food--I'd never eaten anything so spicy in my life!
  • I probably would have cried except Adam and I hadn't been dating very long and I was too proud to let it show what I really thought of the food.
  • my favorite Korean restaurant is Ejo--it's on 3300 S. and 9th East--they also serve sushi which is a double bonus. Ejo is expensive, but so worth the money!!
  • My favorite dish is the spicy pork and tofu. Yum!! I love all the banchan or sidedishes too.
  • My least favorite dish is anything with squid in it. I had a bad run in with squid and korean food in college and haven't been able to stomach the thought of squid since.
  • Can you tell I'm craving Korean food?? bring on the Kimchi!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Confessional

My sister got the idea from . She does a friday confessional and I thought, "hey, that might be fun to do." I didn't have any free time on friday though, so it turned into more of a tuesday confessional this week.

  • I highly highly doubt I will make this a regular tuesday thing. I blog much too sporadically to have a set day.
  • I love cheeseballs. Not the kind you use chips with. The cheeseballs that are a chip. Those orange round fluffy balls of transfat that melt in my mouth. Best if eaten stale.
  • I am shocked and amazed at how much I love my ballet class. I am completely uncoordinated, lacking in grace, never taken dance in my life, and am completely inflexible. Yet, 3 days a week, Erik and I go to ballet class where I proceed to really enjoy myself. Hopefully, I'm getting better shape and becoming more graceful too.
  • I am highly addicted to teen novels at the moment. My favorites of the moment are the Percy Jackson series and the Artemis Fowl series. I love the teen novels because there isn't anything that will shock my poor senses in them.
  • I cannot stand the sound of cotton tearing. Please never rip a cottonball around me. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard.
  • I'm addicted to londonport deli roast beef from Harmon's. I could eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • I hate to drive at night. I don't see very well in the dark and I'm always freaked out i'll miss some car coming at me and get in an accident. It is a little ironic because none of my accidents have ever been at night.

there ya go. a few confessions out of me :)