Saturday, May 22, 2010

sewing, sewing, and more sewing

sometimes i get in moods: sewing moods, cooking moods, reading get the idea. lately i've been in a sewing mood and not just any sewing mood. I've been trying to refashion. So far, a fair amount of my refashions have been fails, but I'm learning and getting better. Here's a few of the things i've been working on that I'm not too embarressed to post online lol

I made this apron as a gift for a friend. It's the first apron I've ever made without any sort of pattern and I am happy with my results.

This shirt started out as a dress i made a few years ago, but never wore. I cut it down into a shirt and then added some ruffles on the front. I still don't know if I'll wear it in public, but it looks a lot better than it did as a dress!

I made this skirt out some old fabric I had and the waist (which you can't see) is a part of a t-shirt. It is sooo comfy!!

This is my last refashion: the skirt is some scrap fabric I had and the bottom of my skirt is a bedskirt ruffle that I cut down. I love it!! I've got some shirts cut out to refashion and a few other things up my sleeve. we'll see how they turn out--maybe i'll post them :)