Wednesday, September 24, 2008

poor Erik

I have to admit that, when it comes to Erik, I like to let things slide a little. Maybe it's because he's my last baby, or because life's so crazy, I don't really know. The kids finally talked me into feeding Erik some real food this week. They always thought that they would be able to help feed Erik, but Erik, being a stubborn Talbot, refuses to take a bottle. Ever since, the kids have bugged me to start feeding him food. I have to admit that I've been very reluctant to do so because I am lazy. Feeding a baby food is so much more work at first and I just don't want the mess and hassle of it. Plus, deep down, it means my baby is that much closer to not being a baby any longer. This friday, Erik will be 5 months old. I started Alex and Ashlee on food at 4 months old because I wanted them to sleep through the night. Of course, that didn't work with either of them, but I was a sleep deprived mother and willing to try anything except letting them scream through it. Ah well, I am digressing. This week, I finally fed the cute little guy food. Alex and Ash were there helping every bit of the way.
Erik loved it. He loved sitting in his high chair for the first time....
but, mostly, he loved licking the spoon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Fab Five (I've been tagged)

10 Years Ago I...
1. Was working at Dynatronics.
2. living in Murray, UT.
3. was in the nursery for my church calling.
4. was still having nightmares that I didn't really graduate from the U of U.
5. cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes every saturday.

5 of my favorite jobs I have had (going from easiest to hardest...)
1. receptionist at Dynatronics
2. sales clerk in the crystal and china department of ZCMI's.
3. quality control at American Standard aka official toilet flusher!
4. cashier at Wendy's

5 places I have lived...
1. Tiffin, OH
2. in the suburbs of McCutchenville, OH
3. Logan, UT
4. Rexburg, ID--the only place i've ever lived where it got so cold my nose hairs froze
5. West Jordan, UT

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. Cold StoneIce Cream
2. Fudge
3. Erin's apple and blueberry pies
4. Strawberries
5. Sunflower Oat Honey bread

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...
1. Get out of debt
2. Buy a '69 red Mustang convertible
3. travel, travel, and more traveling
4. Invest for college, missions, etc.
5. Help out my loved ones

5 things on today's "To-Do list"...
1. Help in Alex's class
2. Go to Alex's soccer game
3. Bug my sister while Alex is at piano lessons
4. Fold that mountain of laundry
5. Make yet even more pear sauce

5 favorite Holidays...
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving
3. Flag Day (it's Alex's birthday)
5. New Year's Eve--even tho I can barely stay awake til midnight

5 favorite Movies of All Time
1. So I Married an Ax Murderer
2. The Man Who Knew Too Little
3. The Chronicles of Riddick
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Transformers

5 favorite T.V shows...
1. The Office
2. Futurama
3. Paula Deen
4. House Hunters
5. Jon and Kate plus 8--always makes me glad that I only have 3 kids!

5 favorite vacations...
1. Trip to Maine when I was 9
2. Going to Disneyland with my kids
3. Amish country (every time I get to go)
4. Moab, UT
5. Catalina Island, CA

I'm sorry Erin, I'm too lazy to tag anyone, but, hey at least i filled it out ! MUHAHAHAHAHA

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My genes just might prevail!

As most of you have probably noticed in my children, the Talbot genes are very strong ones! My children don't look much like me or my side of the family. I had some hope for Erik, but, when he was born, he was the spitting image of Alex as a baby. Good thing those Talbot genes are cute ones! Anyway, I had Erik in this outfit the other night :

And my mother says to me, "Jenn, Erik looks just like you did as a baby!" I, of course, laughed at her. Then I dug out my baby pics and what do you know? He does look like me!

Who knew??? Actually, my sister-in-law Katie has been telling me all along that Erik looked like me--and she was right! Now, I'm not sure if I should feel bad for Erik or not since he may just turn out to be the masculine version of me!