Sunday, June 13, 2010

a long over-due confessional

I confess that....
I've never liked any book by Charles Dickens that I've ever read. I didn't like Great Expectations, Bleak House, or A Tale of Two Cities. I even tried to reread Great Expectations recently and still I loathed it. It's so depressing.
My sister's book club decided to read David Copperfield and my sister encouraged me to read it because I haven't before. She loves this Charles Dickens book, but, after my recent Great Expectations fail I really had no desire to pick it up and read it. I had all sorts of excuses: I'm reading other books, I don't own a copy, Mr. Dickens is depressing, etc. You get the picture. Still, Erin continued to suggest I read it. I finally caved and bought a copy at Barnes and Noble two weeks ago. It continued to sit on my pile of books I want to read. I finished A Room with a View and the 3rd book in the Thief of Eddis series.
SO, finally, out of excuses, I picked it up and started to read it this weekend.
I have to confess that that I am really enjoying it so far. Even though I'm only to page 97, I am having a hard time putting the book down. I want to know what happens to this lovable boy, David Copperfield, and how his life turns out.
Thank you, Erin, for suggesting and then persisting that I read this book!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

sewing, sewing, and more sewing

sometimes i get in moods: sewing moods, cooking moods, reading get the idea. lately i've been in a sewing mood and not just any sewing mood. I've been trying to refashion. So far, a fair amount of my refashions have been fails, but I'm learning and getting better. Here's a few of the things i've been working on that I'm not too embarressed to post online lol

I made this apron as a gift for a friend. It's the first apron I've ever made without any sort of pattern and I am happy with my results.

This shirt started out as a dress i made a few years ago, but never wore. I cut it down into a shirt and then added some ruffles on the front. I still don't know if I'll wear it in public, but it looks a lot better than it did as a dress!

I made this skirt out some old fabric I had and the waist (which you can't see) is a part of a t-shirt. It is sooo comfy!!

This is my last refashion: the skirt is some scrap fabric I had and the bottom of my skirt is a bedskirt ruffle that I cut down. I love it!! I've got some shirts cut out to refashion and a few other things up my sleeve. we'll see how they turn out--maybe i'll post them :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

yet another confessional

So, Adam's been gone half of last week and he'll be mostly gone for the next two weeks. What do I do while he's gone? the logical thing for an English major: read! (There's the confessional part)
  • I read 4 books last week instead of :cleaning, doing all that Relief Society president stuff, playing outside when the weather was decent, blogging, getting things ready for Easter, getting things ready for our vacation towards the end of this month, or sewing.
  • Did I read anything philosophical or even mildly mind expanding? NOPE!!
  • I read the last 2 Percy Jackson books, The Apothecary's Daughter and Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen.
  • At that point, I was feeling a bit of guilt, kind of like I was slumming it, so I picked up Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
  • I haven't read that one since high school. I think the creepy movies put me off of ever reading it again.
  • I'm about 1/4 of the way through it now and I must confess that I'm not really enjoying it, but I will see it through to the end.
  • I'm conditioned to like the classics, but I've always been put off a bit by Dickens.
  • I've got other books staring at me on my bedside table (thanks to that big order I had placed to a few weeks ago) but I'm going to hang out with Mr. Dickens this week and try to understand how he saw society.
  • Maybe i'll even clean, act like the Relief Society president that I am, and play with my kids this week too.
  • I really miss my husband!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

confessional #4

Woot! i'm on a roll. this is the most consistently i've ever blogged, so i doubt it will last lol


here goes...

  • I let ashlee go to school looking like this today:
  • she picked this outfit all on her own. the floral jeweled shoes, heart pants and stars shirt are her own creation.
  • she also always wears a white undershirt that usually sticks out of the bottom of her shirt.
  • don't forget her penguin earrings either.
  • Is it wrong to let your 1st grader go to school dressed thusly?
  • I laughed and laughed and laughed.
  • i love ashlee and her unique sense of style.

Friday, February 19, 2010

confessionals week 3

Ok, so i kind of missed tuesday, but it's been a busy week. By tonight, I'm tired and just trying to stay awake til 10 pm lol
I confess....
  • that i am so excited Cory and Heather are taking Ashlee and Alex overnight tomorrow.
  • I feel a little guilty that I'm sending Alex there with a cold.
  • He's had a low-grade fever all day and a snotty nose and I kept him home from school in the hope that he will be better enough by saturday to go to cory's.
  • I hope that his cold and his horrible cat allergies won't be the death of him and then he'll come home sicker than when I sent him.
  • Sigh....the parental guilt never really ends, does it?
  • I want to send them so badly tho. I really really really could use the break from my children. I love them. I really do. I'm just exhausted from life.
  • Adam, Erik and I can go to dinner tomorrow and I won't have to share my sushi or pay for a babysitter. Erik isn't always the best to take to dinner, but at least he won't keep trying to swipe my sushi lol
  • Plus, on Sunday, it will only be the 3 of us to get ready. I love 9:30 am church, but it's a bit tricky getting everyone ready and out the door. My bag will be so much lighter with only stuff for Erik in it.
  • Then, I will get sad sunday afternoon because the house will be so quiet and I will be ready to go get the kids.
  • I am grateful that my kids have cousins that they love so much and want to spend so much time with.
  • Thank you so much Heather and Cory!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Confessional week 2

I know, it's scary--a blog 2 weeks in a row! Here goes....
  • I love love love most Korean food.
  • Too bad it's so stinky or I would eat it a lot more often.
  • I always feel guilty when people get into my proximity range a day or two later after I eat Korean. Someday I'll eat it before Ward Council so that maybe my stink will end our meeting a little sooner.
  • It's hard to get home and get the kids ready in 15 min. Tho adam tries his best! but, I digress...
  • no matter how much I gargle, brush, rinse, shower, scrub, I still stink.
  • I hate it when Adam eats Korean food, but I didn't because he smells so bad.
  • It took me 2 years to like Korean food--I'd never eaten anything so spicy in my life!
  • I probably would have cried except Adam and I hadn't been dating very long and I was too proud to let it show what I really thought of the food.
  • my favorite Korean restaurant is Ejo--it's on 3300 S. and 9th East--they also serve sushi which is a double bonus. Ejo is expensive, but so worth the money!!
  • My favorite dish is the spicy pork and tofu. Yum!! I love all the banchan or sidedishes too.
  • My least favorite dish is anything with squid in it. I had a bad run in with squid and korean food in college and haven't been able to stomach the thought of squid since.
  • Can you tell I'm craving Korean food?? bring on the Kimchi!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Confessional

My sister got the idea from . She does a friday confessional and I thought, "hey, that might be fun to do." I didn't have any free time on friday though, so it turned into more of a tuesday confessional this week.

  • I highly highly doubt I will make this a regular tuesday thing. I blog much too sporadically to have a set day.
  • I love cheeseballs. Not the kind you use chips with. The cheeseballs that are a chip. Those orange round fluffy balls of transfat that melt in my mouth. Best if eaten stale.
  • I am shocked and amazed at how much I love my ballet class. I am completely uncoordinated, lacking in grace, never taken dance in my life, and am completely inflexible. Yet, 3 days a week, Erik and I go to ballet class where I proceed to really enjoy myself. Hopefully, I'm getting better shape and becoming more graceful too.
  • I am highly addicted to teen novels at the moment. My favorites of the moment are the Percy Jackson series and the Artemis Fowl series. I love the teen novels because there isn't anything that will shock my poor senses in them.
  • I cannot stand the sound of cotton tearing. Please never rip a cottonball around me. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard.
  • I'm addicted to londonport deli roast beef from Harmon's. I could eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • I hate to drive at night. I don't see very well in the dark and I'm always freaked out i'll miss some car coming at me and get in an accident. It is a little ironic because none of my accidents have ever been at night.

there ya go. a few confessions out of me :)