Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, my computer got a virus and Adam had to completely reformat it this week. I was slow to take all my info off the pc and i've been even slower putting it all back on. I haven't meant to be negligent in blogging, and will do a better blog later this week! (sorry Erin!) I also started playing Wow again this week--yeah, yeah, i know, i swore i'd never resume that addicting game again, but i've really been having a lot of fun playing with Adam. It's something we like to do together. I've also decided to only refashion clothing until March '09 which means that I will not buy any new clothing, but, instead repurpose what I already have. I got the idea from --it's a fun website where people post what they refashioned. I'm not committed enough to make the pledge yet, but someday I will! Also, the kids go back to school on wednesday, so maybe i'll finally get caught up on all my housecleaning!


Fulkerson Clan said...

i think we need to be careful not to propagate the myth that you can "catch up" on housecleaning. it's just never done, period. on that note, sorry your computer had a virus. i hope it's all gone now and you can play wow till 11pm safely each night :) i'll look forward to your next blog too by the way. will it be about your adventures in returning to wow?

Fulkerson Clan said...

i just tagged you on my blog, check it out!!! i thought you needed an excuse to blog again :)