Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ashlee and Alex love bean sprouts. I buy them almost everytime I go to Reams. I was reading someone else's blog about how easy it is to grow bean sprouts and I thought to myself, "Self, it would be so fun to grow bean sprouts. The kids would love it and it would be a great opportunity to teach them a little about growing stuff." Then, Mary Jane Butters posted this article in the SLTrib and I it reinspired me to grow some sprouts. I ordered them online at I couldn't believe the choices! I decided that my first sprouts would be

their San Fransisco blend. You soak the seeds for 8-12 hours. Then you rinse and drain every 8 hours for about 5 days on this particular blend. The kids loved shaking the jar and watching the daily progression of our sprouts.

After 5 days our sprouts were ready to eat. They were

delicious! Sweet and crunchy with a bit of bitterness at the end. I couldn't believe the difference in taste compared to the oh-so-bland sprouts I had been buying at the store.
We will definitely be doing more sprouts! Yummy!

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Kathleen said...

I love sprouts, what a good idea. I like the taste of the broccoli sprouts much better than alfalfa, but I haven't tried any other varieties.