Saturday, January 22, 2011

i'm on a roll

I heard this particular quote today:

“…We ought to be content with the things that God hath allotted to each of us. If, indeed, the things allotted to each of us have been divinely customized according to our capacity, then for us to seek to wrench ourselves free of our schooling circumstances could be to tear ourselves away from carefully matched opportunities. To rant and to rail could be to go against divine wisdom, wisdom in which we may have concurred before we came here. God knew beforehand each of our coefficients for coping and contributing” (Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, Feb. 1979, 73).

I know I've been ranting and raving about how my life has been going lately. Sometimes, I need that reminder that Heavenly Father KNOWS what is best for me. I should not doubt His wisdom in the direction my life takes, even if I don't think I'm up to the challenge. I am very very blessed with 3 1/2 amazing children, a husband who knows me, understands me, and still loves me anyway, parents who live in my basement and who are always willing to help me out, a sister who literally lives 5 minutes away and is my best friend, and the gospel. I am grateful for this reminder today that Heavenly Father loves me and is trying His best to guide me in the direction that He knows is best for me.

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Fulkerson Clan said...

i like that quote! very good reminder, and very humbling :)