Monday, October 27, 2008

my addiction to books

I love to read, no doubt about it. That's even how I ended up getting my degree in English--I just kept taking all these literature classes, and, the next thing I knew, that's what I was closest to getting a degree in. I really can't remember a time I didn't read. Mom says I started reading Ten Apples Up on Top at the age of three and I haven't stopped since then. I really had to slow down my reading after the kids were born because I suddenly didn't have enough time in the day to take care of them and read. Since Alex and Ashlee are both in school now and Erik naps in the afternoon, I've started to read a lot more again. Plus, I've been trying to watch less tv lately in the evenings so I've been reading then too. When I read, I read voraciously. I don't want to do anything else until I have finished that book. I had a book reading binge this last week. Adam had an unexpected business trip on wednesday and wasn't able to come back home until saturday night. I was depressed that he was gone--especially since it was unplanned. I had New Moon on hold at the library and Mom watched the kids wednesday night so I could go down to the library and pick it up. I haven't been to the library without the kids in a long long time, so i browsed and ended up w/ 5 books. I read them all in the time Adam was gone. Sometimes it's nice to do that because it reminds me that I have hobbies and interests still. I love being a mother, especially a SAHM, but it's nice to know that I haven't completely lost myself either.


Fulkerson Clan said...

i'm curious--what 5 books did you read?? and how did you like new moon? did it go along with your depressed mood? hehehe!

Amy said...

I have all of my Anne books from when I was younger except for the first one! I have no idea how that one got lost, it's the most important one!! I have a replacement though. We started Little Women last night, but I'm not sure if she's really ready for it. We'll see how it goes. I might have to find something else and do that one in a few years.