Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gardner Village

As most of you know, Gardner Village ( is one of my favorite places to go. It reminds me a bit of Ohio with that quaint small-town feel, cobbled pathways, and yummy eateries. I am also a huge fan of small eclectic shops because my parents took Erin and I to many similar shops when I was growing up. Apropos in Wadsworth, OH was one of my favorites! Anyway, the kids and I took our usual jaunt over to Gardner Village last week to look at the witches. The kids think it's great, though, I know Alex is getting bigger because he said to me, "Aren't these all the same witches we saw last year, just in different spots?"

I almost convinced Alex that if he drank that magic potion that the witches were brewing, he'd turn into a frog!

I told Ashlee to give me her best witch face!

It was a freezing, cold day, but even Erik was having fun.

It is nice that Alex is finally big enough to take a decent picture, so I actually make it in one every once in awhile!

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