Sunday, December 7, 2008

My little sister

Well Erin, you requested another blog so I decided to write one about you! Muhahahahaha! alright, i'm all done with the evil laughter and now I will get down to the business of writing!
Erin and I were lucky enough to live in the very isolated suburb of McCutchenville, OH. I jokingly call it a suburb--we lived 3 miles out of town, however, the town only had a population of 500 people. Needless to say, Erin was mostly my only playmate....tho we did have dogs and cats....Erin was more fun to play with than the animals. Growing up, we did most everything together because we didn't have anyone else to play with. This was good for our relationship and we remain best friends to this day; I think that had a lot to do with our upbringing. Also, Erin is the biggest peacemaker I know. I tried to pick many, many, many fights with her and I was usually very unsuccessful. Remember the time I put flour in your drawer and tried to blame it on you? Mom saw right through my ploy, darn it LOL We played my little ponies, polly pockets, barbies, and all sorts of imaginary games. We moved into Tiffin when I was 11 and Erin was 8, but I still took Erin everywhere with me. We swam in the quarry, played GI Joes with Kevin and Joyce, and rode our bikes all over the place. Then we moved to Main St. in Tiffin where Erin and I continued to rollerskate together, play badminton, share clothes, have horrible hairdos together (seriously, what were we thinking???? I'm still mortified that we had mullets!), and go to football games.
Then I graduated high school and went to Idaho to college. We still called each other at least once a week. I got married, but luckily, Adam agreed to take Erin as part of a package deal. Even after she ran out of "Independence Day" screaming with her pillow! Yes, she brought her pillow to a movie! Adam kindly left the movie with us since Erin refused to go back into the movie theater because of her fear of aliens. Yet, Erin will watch Star Trek. I don't think Adam will ever let her live that one down! She was also very angry at first that she and Adam share a birth date--Sept 9th. Don't worry, she forgave me :)
Then Erin got married, we both had kids, she moved to California, moved back, moved to Price, moved back to West Jordan (thank goodness) and now we see each other almost every day. Through all of our life changes, she remains my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without that girl!! So Erin, this blog is for you!

because I really do love my sister, i took off that picture :)


Kathleen said...

Sisters are the best! Krista and I are best friends these days, but I'm really sad that she's moving away so her hubby can go to dental school and we'll probably never live close to each other again (Utah is apparently too full of dentists). After that picture, Erin may never ask you to blog again :)

Amy said...

Awesome post and awesome pictures. I didn't know about the mullet! I just threw up a little in my mouth... I need pictures. lol!

Fulkerson Clan said...

thank you for taking down that pic jenn. i feel like i can go out in public again...
no worries, i love you too, thanks for the blog ;)