Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow Day

We got our first real snow of the winter today. Ashlee wanted to go out and play in the snow immediately after she woke up (7:30 am), so I let her go. After a few minutes, I realized that she was really serious about playing outside, so I brought her back in and bundled her up a bit. I made her come back in at 8:15 am so I could run Alex to school, but, as soon as I got back home she was back outside and she played out there for another hour. She was looking fairly damp, so I forced her to come back inside and take a bath to warm up.
Here is my sopping wet girl. She sure did have fun making snow angels tho! It reminded me of what childhood is all about--doing what you love to do and not being practical about it!


Kathleen said...

My four-year-old saw the snow and asked me if it was Christmas!

Fulkerson Clan said...

i can't believe ashlee played outside in the snow by herself for that long!! was it because she knew all the bees were finally dead??