Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August so far

So, I was looking back over my August calendar and realized that I have absolutely NO idea how I have survived the month so far! Here's a Talbot family recap:

1. I taught my first relief society lesson in, oh, 9 years or so
2. Dad fell off a ladder breaking his shoulder and 6 ribs. thank goodness because it could have been so much worse!
3. Ashlee turned 6 and had a friend party--wait, my sweet baby girl is 6?? where did the time go??
4. My sister is 9 months pregnant and due at the end of the month. i'm worried that this pregnancy is going to do her in for good :(
5. Adam was gone for an entire week
6. I got a much needed hair cut and color--yay, i'm back to dark :)
7. oh yeah, the day after ashlee's birthday party, we had a family bbq for her at our house. i don't think my house has quite recovered yet from all these parties.
8. Dad and Ashlee share the same birthdate, so we celebrated with him too....well, as much as he can celebrate at the moment.
9. took over some of dad's gardening duties....whew
10. then there's the usual stuff: dance, piano lessons, cubscouts

what the rest of the month will bring for us:
1. cleaning the church on saturday, yep Amy, i didn't forget lol
2. doing the rest of my visiting teaching
3. Erin having her baby--YAY!!! i can't wait to meet the little guy!
4. taking Alex to his first Temple Dedication
5. getting to see greg shumway--our family friend of 20 years, at heather and cory's house
6. going to quilt group and learning how to Applique
7. maybe cynthia will be successful in teaching me how to make bread....
8. on sept 2 is the first enrichment meeting that i'm actually in charge of--YIKES!!! i should never been given this kind of responsibility--the Lord should know this lol

phew, maybe i shouldn't have listed it all, i'm tired already lol

so, if i look a little crazy, can't remember your name, or fall asleep at the drop of a hat, remember, this is more than my average amount of stress :)

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Fulkerson Clan said...

yes, your pregnant sister is pretty much incapable of doing ANYTHING so she's really lucky to have such an awesome and supportive (though definitely overworked and overstressed right now!!) sister and mother to help take care of her and her other 2 kids :) you OWN that suzy homemaker title right now!