Friday, May 22, 2009

My Front Yard

Let me preface by saying that my dad is an amazing gardener. My dad really should have been a professional landscaper instead of working at American Standard. Growing up, we always had amazing yards, vast gardens of fruits and veggies, and paths. When my parents moved into our basement five years ago, our yard was terrible. The people who lived here before us really wanted a nice yard (there were signs of this) but just had my gardening skills (not a good thing!). So, Dad really had his work cut out for him.

Last summer, Dad told Adam and I that he was ripping out all the grass in our front yard since it was all crabgrass anyway and putting in gardens. I have to admit that Adam and I had our doubts about this one, but, everything I've ever seen my dad do has turned out beautifully, so Adam and I agreed to his crazy plan. We now have no grass in the front yard. Last summer, Alex and Dad started by putting in a concrete walkway in a sunburst pattern. I'm amazed that Dad let Alex help w/ the concrete!! Anyway, I'll just post some pics because my description cannot encompass how incredible my front yard is looking.

When you walk out my front door now, this is the what you will see. Since it is still spring, the seeds haven't started growing in the boxes yet, but soon we will have vegetables. Sunflowers are growing in front of this part of the fence and to the left is lavender and to the right are rosebushes. Everything will smell soooo good!

Here is a better view of the path and the planter boxes. Also, Mom and Dad are hard at work planting seeds. We'll have 12 different kinds of squash, 3 types of peppers, 2 types of carrots, turnips, garlic and a ton of tomato plants. Along this part of the fence is a grape vine, 6 different clematis and a rose bush. I'll post updates as the summer goes on. I thought it turned out really incredible tho--go Dad!

PS. Erin, are you proud of me? 3 blogs in one month lol

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Fulkerson Clan said...

I am SO PROUD!!! now keep it up :) and dad is truly amazing, i love that we are lucky enough to benefit from his gardening skills for all these years. i think growing up, i just took it for granted and thought everybody's dad was as into gardening as our dad. older and wiser now i know better and i know what a treasure dad is!! thanks for blogging about it!