Thursday, February 10, 2011


I confess that: I'm tired of....
*being tired!!
*adam being out of town because, really, isn't this tiredness all his fault anyway?
*my back hurting already. i fear that it is going to be a long pregnancy.
*erik starting to not nap anymore. i'm not ready for him to give up naps yet. I need that peace and quiet lol
*max and ruby. sure, it's a cute show, but that's about all Erik will watch. I'm ready for him to branch out and watch just about anything else.
*being hungry all the time. I'm going to be HUGE this pregnancy if my appetite continues to be this crazy.
*not knowing what to say to people when they tell me their problems. Being relief society president is overwhelming sometimes.
*not having enough money. How on earth are we going to afford a minivan?!?!?

I'm not tired of:
*my beautiful, wonderful, amazing children. They have been so helpful and supportive during this pregnancy.
*reading. I just finished Battlefield Earth L. Ron Hubbard and it was fantastic. Of course, I didn't understand most of his math and science, but what a fun story.
*my husband. I'm so blessed to be married to a man who actually understands me and still loves me.
*Coke Zero. I'm still amazed at how wonderful it tastes. I know it's the pregnancy talking, but oh how i LOVE this stuff!
*sewing. I finally finished Ashlee's Christmas dress just in time for Valentine's day. I even made her a headband and a purse to match.

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Sarah said...

You know why Max and Ruby drives me crazy?? Cause they have short little episodes with commercials between each one! So I can't just start one and figure I have a half hour to go get stuff done. Lilian hollers for me to fast forward through all the commercials! Plus, Ruby is annoying.