Monday, November 16, 2009

on my mind

So, what's been on my mind lately? What would I do if Alex came home with a blue mohawk. Not a fauxhawk, or a half hearted mohawk, but the true thing--1 foot high and bright blue. ok, so this isn't quite one foot high, but it's the best i could find for hardly looking hehe you get the idea tho.I've pondered once in awhile how my children will rebel and test limits when they become teenagers. My mom would have loved to have had me come home with hair like this in high school, but i was much to timid to ever do anything this wild and crazy. I decided to rebel in other ways instead--my poor mother! After much consideration, I decided that I would laugh my head off if one of my children decided to sport this 'do or one similar to this. Then, I would take lots and lots and lots of pictures, so that, someday, when they came to their senses, we could all have a good chuckle.
Ah, they look so sweet and innocent here.

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